25 Jun 2013

The Moon Temple Published on Smashwords

Submitted by mhare

The chief reason posting has slowed down on this site has been because I've devoted time and effort on readying a story for publication on Smashwords.  That effort payed off last night.  The first of what I hope to be many stories is now available for download from Smashwords.  The story is a novella called "The Moon Temple".  You can download it for free at Smashwords.com here.

Cover page for "The Moon Temple"

The Moon Temple

On another world, in another time, at the Great Festival of Ascension, the young chieftain Elsu woos a beautiful maiden named Kai. She accepts, but a misunderstanding causes Elsu to swear a rash vow to win her hand. Now Elsu, together with Bane, his best friend, sail to the forbidden sunken city of Angor Drava, lost beneath the waves a thousand years before, to steal the diamond eyes from a statue. But Bane harbors secrets and Elsu refuses to believe the warnings of a terrible evil dwelling in the temple.


I wrote "The Moon Temple" in 1996.  The original inspiration came from several different sources.  The Debussy piano piece "Et la lune descend sur la tempe qui fut" first triggered an image one day while I practiced it that evolved into the opening paragraph.  By chance, I read "The Moon Pool" by A. Merritt a short time later and that gave me the impetus to write the story.  The verses of Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The City in the Sea" added to the mix.  Pictures of the temple complex at Angor Wat and Nan Madol helped shape the remainder of the tale.  Yet the story languished as a rough draft for ages until I realized I needed to get something out there now.

My longer novels are still months away from completion.  While I'm still working on the novels, I plan to finish several short works as filler until my novels are ready.  But that is the future.  For now, please take the time to check out my novella.  If you enjoyed it, let others know.  Post comments, reviews, blog about it, talk about it, and share it.  In the meantime,  wish to thank the few who offered comments and advice on the story: Shellie Traylor, Missy Goff-Haas, and Krista Joy.  Much appreciated!

Future Works:

Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have several more works available for both free and paid download from Smashwords.  Below is a list of the stories currently in production:

The Glass Key - novel
Dream Knight - novel
Reflections in the Water - novella
Short History of the Zombie War - novella
The Stars in Darkness Like Music - novella

As an experiment, readers may purchase a softcover copy of the novella from www.lulu.com.   The price is a bit high because it is a print on demand publisher.  No inventory or stock on the upside; high printing costs on the downside.  Keeping all the rights to myself?  Priceless.  Click on the Author's Lulu Spotlight link at the bottom of this page or go directly to the page for "The Moon Temple" on lulu.com.  Right now, readers can only buy it from Lulu.  I decided not to opt for any outside distribution since this is only a novella.  Once I complete and publish one of my novels, that will change.

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